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hi, we're Megan and Aaron Schiller.

Welcome to Muse + The Catalyst! We started this podcast to share inspiring stories and offer practical guidance to help you manifest the life of your dreams.

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What listeners are saying

I Appreciate You Guys!

Aspiring fashion model - Dec 19, 2017

Hey! I'm a new subscriber after listening to your appreciation over gratitude episode. Wow! My mood is lifted and my focus recharged. Thank you so much for sharing your authentic spirits with us.


Brilliant Insight on living a good life!

RosewaterAmy - Sep 18, 2017

So many people chase happiness, striving to have a good life when they are looking for happiness in the wrong places. Aaron and Megan bring insight from their own personal lives to teach us how to live our own authentic lives and stay true and listen to ourselves.

Conscious & Joyful Parenting

Darby Spinx - Aug 23, 2017

Really amazing podcast; Aaron and Megan seem very tuned in to how to connect as a family and prioritze what is important to your own family tribe. Amazing concepts about how to work with your kids, how to help your kids and yourselves. I'm so excited about this podcast and all of their other offerings to support families.

Great Rapport and love of learning

Sanpb23 - Aug 9, 2017

These two have a fantastic relationship that shines through and inspires others. Love their breakdown of concepts and applications to life. Authentic and powerful voices, must listen!



pennycatface0220 - Sep 29, 2017

I'm loving the dynamic between this couple. I'm wanting to work for myself but often feel too scared to make that jump. Thanks for all the inspiration!

My new favorite podcast!

Auggie36 - Aug 18, 2017

I couldn't love this podcast more! I'm learning so much from Megan and Aaron. They are so honest and inspiring. I'm encouraged by their stories and anxious to start taking the steps I need so I can follow my dreams.